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You need an experienced attorney that can take control of the situation while maintaining your core values at the same time. Although I have two decades of experience with bankruptcy and criminal defense cases, you know your specific situation the best. As I work to find a resolution for your case, I will get to know your story and goals so I can create a strategy and solution that will work in your favor as much as possible.

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Neil F. Dignon

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After my admission into the Delaware State Bar in 1997, I began working at a law firm that took on bankruptcy, criminal defense, and traffic offense cases. In 2003, I decided to open my own firm and slowly started building my client base. By 2007, my solo practice had taken off and I was helping clients from all walks of life with various legal needs. Since then, my practice has flourished into the well-oiled machine that it is today. I use my previous experiences and education from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut to provide my clients with passionate and thorough legal representation. Contact me today if you would like to set up a consultation.


Taking a Collaborative Approach

Utilizing Decades of Experience

Throughout my two decades as an attorney, I have seen countless hopeful — and helpless — cases run across my desk that turned out to be great wins for my clients. My years of exposure to a diverse array of legal issues allows me to know what strategies are useful so that my clients can achieve the best result possible in the end. Whether you need to file for bankruptcy or have been charged with a DUI, I can guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Crafting Personalized Solutions

Everyone's story is different. Even with previous clients who needed legal assistance through the bankruptcy process, there are a few different pathways one could take to minimize their debts. Similarly, my clients who have been charged with a DUI all have different backgrounds and circumstances, which can have a big effect on how I approach the case. I use my previous experience as a jumping-off point, but the final decision with how you want to approach your case will always be up to you.

Legal Guidance When You Don't Know Where To Turn

When my clients in Georgetown, Delaware come to me for direction on what to do next with their legal matters, they often feel alone, hopeless, and completely lost. Once I have analyzed their case and gone over their options, they leave my office feeling like someone is there to fight for them through even the most difficult situation.

People often think bankruptcy is the end of the road for them. On the contrary, making the decision to hire a bankruptcy attorney can actually be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. After you file for bankruptcy, you can achieve a tremendous feeling of a large weight being lifted off your shoulders. That financial burden that you feel doesn't have to last forever — there is reliable guidance and support available.

If you've been involved with a DUI charge, a conviction could be on your record for up to ten years. Luckily, there are many different strategies criminal defense attorneys can use to either reduce your punishment, penalty, or fine — if not have your charges dropped altogether. Evidence is especially important in these cases because the officer that pulled you over may not have had just cause to do so.

As your criminal defense attorney, I will provide aggressive representation, whether you have a traffic violation or have been charged with theft, assault, or a drug crime. My office in Georgetown, Delaware, is accessible to much of the area, from Ocean View to Bridgeville and anywhere in Sussex or Kent Counties. Contact my law office today so that I can begin fighting for you!